You have to understand the odds system to bet on the Internet.

Let's take an example :

If you see the following bet on the sportsbooks websites :

This means that if you bet 10 € on Arsenal Fc and that Arsenal Fc wins, you will win 10 x 1.40 = 14 €

The X refers to a “tie (draw)” and if you decide to bet 10 euros on a tie between Arsenal Fc and West Ham United
and that the game ends this way, you will win 10 x 4.25 = 42.5 €.

These numbers are called “odds”; you just have to multiply the amount staked by this number to know how much
your potential gain would be.

In this particular case, the odds are:

1.40 if Arsenal Fc wins
4.25 if the game is tied
7.00 if West Ham United wins

The smaller the odd, the higher are the chances to win and the more likely the team is to win, the smaller the odd.